Grace + Micah | Downtown KC Modern Engagement Session


Do you ever meet people that you know you are going to be friends with? Well, these two were definitely that for Michael and I. This engagement shoot was super rainy, and super amazing. We drank coffee, chatted, and became best buds. I absolutely can’t wait to photograph these guys’ day, andddddd for them to move up to KC!!

And did I mention that Micah is obsessed with the Celtics? So how could we not take cute photos with their jerseys on?? Can’t wait to hang with you two again soon!

Samuel + Anna | Adventurous Kansas City Engagement Session


Anna and Samuel... what can I say about these two besides the fact that they are the sweetest, cutest couple in the world. They love Jesus, love each other, and love life. It is so inspiring and I     loved shooting their engagement session! You know when you meet people that you know will be lifelong friends? Well, I  really hope these two are Michael and I's!! Hope you all love their photos as much as I do, because I'm obsessed!! 

Lisa + Ryan | Christmassy Downtown St. Charles Engagement Shoot


Mmmm Christmas. It's the best time of the year! Sounds cheesy, right? Well, I completely fall head over heals in love with it and that includes engagement sessions! Having couples want to take you to the most themed out Christmas place ever? Sign me up!  

Naomi + Garret | Romantic, Country Engagement Session


UGH. How do you find out if two people are meant for each other? You shoot their engagement session! Naomi and Garret, thank you for being ready for adventure and trusting me even though I made you do some crazy stuff, (I literally made them climb over rocks and we may or may not have fallen several times... or maybe that was just me, ha!) so needless to say you guys were amazing! 

Mona + Jon | Engagement Session


Mona and Jon, you guys were so much fun to hang out with! I (Alex) still cannot believe I get to do this as a job. Knowing that when I am shooting, I am not only doing what I love but I am meeting new friends too! Needless to say, I cannot wait to get to know these two better and shoot their wedding!

Hannah + Josh | One Year Shoot


To all the photographers out there... picture your dream shoot. Perfect lighting, perfect setting, and the perfect couple to be the subject. Well, this shoot is mine! We got up at the shiny time of 5:30 am to capture these, but it was completely worth it. Watching the sunrise and shooting photos throughout it was a complete dream! I hope you guys love these photos as much as I do! 

Hannah + Josh, you guys are troopers!