Ally + Matt | Backyard Wedding


Hi friends! It’s been a hot minute. As most of you know or might not know, we have a little three month, almost four month, old. So crazy! To say Michael and I have been busy would be an understatement, ha! Anyhoo, hope you have been doing amazing and life is treating you well. I know for me, God has been teaching me so many things, it can feel exhausting sometimes, for real. All that to say, I am being stretched right now in my photography career, in becoming a new Mom, and just in my day to day living. I love it but it’s hard work. I gotta tell you though, weddings this past year have been amazing! We have gotten to work with the best couples and we can’t even imagine what next year is going to bring! Ally and Matt’s wedding was one of our fall weddings ( I know I am so so behind…ha!) right after we had Ezra (Our sons name), so these are pretty special with being one of the first weddings that got us back into the swing of things. Hope you love them! Also - These guys found us through an awesome group I am part of called Wedding Pioneer! It’s so fun how you can get to know people by being a part of a community by doing something you love. It inspires me daily!

Lexi + Dylan | Hipster Downtown Engagement Shoot


I have been SO ready to jump back into wedding season this year! Can anyone else relate?? I    have missed all the love and romance that goes into this time, it fills my romanic soul to the brim. So, with these two and their engagement session they were definitely the start of something beautiful. Lexi and Dylan are so in love with one another and care about each other deeply, and it's the best when that shows through naturally! All I can say about this shoot and the rest of this season is LET'S DO THIS. 

Samuel + Anna | Adventurous Kansas City Engagement Session


Anna and Samuel... what can I say about these two besides the fact that they are the sweetest, cutest couple in the world. They love Jesus, love each other, and love life. It is so inspiring and I     loved shooting their engagement session! You know when you meet people that you know will be lifelong friends? Well, I  really hope these two are Michael and I's!! Hope you all love their photos as much as I do, because I'm obsessed!! 

Naomi + Garret | Romantic, Country Engagement Session


UGH. How do you find out if two people are meant for each other? You shoot their engagement session! Naomi and Garret, thank you for being ready for adventure and trusting me even though I made you do some crazy stuff, (I literally made them climb over rocks and we may or may not have fallen several times... or maybe that was just me, ha!) so needless to say you guys were amazing! 

Mona + Jon | Engagement Session


Mona and Jon, you guys were so much fun to hang out with! I (Alex) still cannot believe I get to do this as a job. Knowing that when I am shooting, I am not only doing what I love but I am meeting new friends too! Needless to say, I cannot wait to get to know these two better and shoot their wedding!